With a focus on promotion of organic exports, APEDA forms dedicated organic promotion division


Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) in a significant move to bolster India’s organic export sector has created a dedicated organic promotion division for
the promotion of organic exports.

This division is now serving as a focal point for coordinating efforts to amplify the country’s organic export potential.
The agri-promotion body is working towards enhancing Uttarakhand’s organic sector through a comprehensive strategy. APEDA’s plan focuses on enhancing farming practices, optimizing certification procedures, and identifying prime export products. The ultimate aim is to elevate
Uttarakhand’s profile as a significant player in the global organic market.

Building on Sikkim’s pioneering status as India’s first fully organic state, APEDA is formulating a strategic roadmap to diversify exports and fortify sustainable practices.

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Leveraging Sikkim’s unique
strengths in the organic realm, the promotion body’s plan aims to elevate its prominence on the international stage.
With successful initiatives underway in Uttarakhand and plans shaping up for Sikkim, APEDA’s vision extends to replicating these strategies in more states. By targeting regions with substantial
organic farming potential, the body aspires to create a network of thriving organic export hubs across India.

Further, in an endeavour to bolster the accessibility of organic products in international markets, the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) is undergoing significant updates. The forthcoming revisions in NPOP guidelines aim to harmonize with prominent global regulations and standards, including the EU Regulation. This strategic realignment is crafted with a foresight into ongoing and prospective Mutual Recognition Agreements. A pivotal aspect of this overhaul involves
the modernization of NPOP’s IT infrastructure.

The revamped IT system is poised to offer a more resilient oversight mechanism, particularly focusing on Certification Bodies and their certified operators. The revamped IT System envisages provisions for geo-tagging of farms and geo-location of inspection visits.

Source: PIB

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