Some Agri Based Product


As in our society, everything is changing according to our needs and wants in this manner various new agricultural products with satisfactory output have come up with a new variety which will be helpful to our farmers. The product details have been described below.

1-Active 80: It’s a product that is none ionic spray adjuvant and can be easily applied to plants and crops to protect them from weeds insects and other disease. The main thing about this product is it can be easily applied to every crop like vegetable fruits plants, etc. Besides, it’s an organic and eco-friendly product. Now coming to the second product it is Active Gold-80. The main feature of this product is it is highly concentrated with 80% of active ingredients, besides it is eco friendly and biodegradable. Second and most prominent feature is it increase the product capacity when it is applied to the crops with out any harm and suitable with every pesticide. Then next product is Activzyme: The main thing about this product is it is derived from seaweed which is very much helpful for intensive agriculture, change in the cropping pattern and etc.

It has a composition of various components like Auxin, Enzyme, cytokinin, and other necessary things.

These 2 product is now widely used by farmers of our country because both the product have a wide and varied role in the cultivation like by using this product water-resistance of root will increase, the production earlier you are getting

will be 20% more besides it makes

nano urea

the soil strong for further uses. From the team of Shyamala Subarna, we request our beloved farmers to buy this product and get benefits from this. Recently some people of our region Bhubaneswar named Mr. Pramod Kumar Barik Mr. Goutam Kumar Muduli with their other fellow mates have visited some farmers from the village like Guhali Salipur and cuttack they have discussed about this product with them also they have a small experiment of the product with the crop which results in a positive side. From the team of shyamala Subarna, we request our beloved farmers just go through this product so that you will be benefited. If you want to know the product details so contact these person mentioned below

1- Pramod Kumar Barik

Phone(+91 82497 98161) 2-Rashmi Ranjan Jena (+91 91784 55474)

For any inquiry about product just feel free to contact these person. Farmers Happiness is our happiness of ours so we are always with them and will be there forever.

By: Nirad Baran Dalai(Shyamala Subarna

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