Health can be defined as a holistic way of the growth of the human body and mind A healthy person’s body is completely harmony with his mind.But sometimes a condition appears in which body function is impaired, an alteration happens to human body interrupting the performance of the vital functions and this is known as disease.

In our ancient times before the discovery of science and medicines the concept of Ayurveda was given by Maharshi Charaka and Ayurveda was the cure for many diseases. In agriculture weeds are the unwanted plants that grow and we always focus on their destruction and eradication as it is harmful to crops but despite the negative impact on crops, it possesses the beneficial nature of having. medicinal properties. Some of the medicinal value and proper impact of weeds has been described below.

1)Abutilon Indicum: Leaf juice of this plant along with onion juice is used to cure jaundice. 2-3 spoons of the dry extractof the powder is used to cure constipation.

2) Acalypha indica:

Leaf pulp is used to cure worm-related diseases. Leaf boiled in water(1/2 cup data) is used to cure constipation.

The leaf powder is used as a preventive measure for hair fall.

3)Xanthium strumarium : Leaf and root extract powder is used to cure malaria when used after boiling in lukewarm water.

4)Tephrosia purpurea: The root powder of this plant should be taken 3-6, grams to cure constipation.• Plant extract juice(10-20)ml is used to cure diarrhoea.

5)Cyperus rotundus: The plant extract powder is used to cure weakness and indigestion(3-6gm).

The root powder(1 spoon) is boiled in a glass of water and 50 mo should be taken to cure cough.

6)Mimosa pudica: The leaf and root extract powder is taken 2-5gm daily to control diabetes. The root juice 5ml is taken with honey to give relief from pain during the menstrual cycle.

As reality says that every unwanted thing has some good and positive effect on us or in our surrounding likewise this all weeds are very much important through this article it will help our viewers to gain knowledge regarding weeds so that they can utilize in their life.


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