International Fruits Day : “Smart Nurturing, Eating Is An Art.”


The fruitful thought to celebrate International Fruit Day originated from the will to create a worldwide festival day for people of any culture, nation, mentality, religion and way of life. The aim is to share fruits in sympathy and joy with family, friends, colleagues or needy people. International Fruit Day addresses to all people who create and preserve positive living conditions.

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International Fruit Day is a global celebration on July 1st that encourages people to enjoy and promote the health benefits of eating fruits while raising awareness about reducing food waste. International Fruit Day is an annual event dedicated to promoting fruit consumption, reducing food waste, and fostering a sense of community through sharing fruits. Sharing and eating fruits/vegetables together was soon made up to International Fruit Day which is celebrated July 1st each year.

Presentation- Dibyabharati Nayak

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