A short history of Potato


Potato became one of the most important world crops in span of 300 years.It orginated in high Andean region of South America and introduced to India in early 17 th century.potato breeding has resulted in the release of over 4000 cultivars in more than 100 countries.An ideal potato variety affect not only yield and quality but also production cost, environmental issues,post harvest and yield of future crops.Central Potato Research Station (CPRI),Shimla(Himachal Pradesh) developed some varities like Kufri jyoti,kufri bahar,Kufri ashoka,Kufri Chandramukhi,Kufri Badsaha,kufri pukhraj,kufri sindhuri etc

1.Kufri Pukhraj- It is released for North Indian plains and plateau in 1998.It is suitable for low input,early bulker,immune to wart,moderately resistant to late blight and early blight.It covers about 33%of total potato area in country.The economic surplus generated by it in 2017-18 was Rs 4729 crores.

2.Kufri Jyoti-Wide adaptability,Early bulker,slow rate of degeneration,immune to wart.

nano urea

3.Kufri bahar-It is released for North Indian plains,early bulker, Resistant to gemini virus(PALCD).

4.Kufri Ashoka and Chandramukhi-For indian gangetic plains and early maturity.

5.Kufri Badshah-For indian plains and plateau,Medium maturity, Resistant to PVX and early and late blight.

Sujata Sahoo, 4th Year Bsc ag , Centurion University, Parlakhemundi

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