One step ahead by Narendra singh Tomar


Narendra singh Tomar who is the present Indian agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister has taken an initiative for farmers by offering them mandis. He met members of farmer producer organization of federation of Indian FPOS and presented them 15 States and 500 FPOS at Krishi Bhawan. He has also supported the recent agricultural reform decided by government of India.
Narendra singh Tomar has also expressed his heartiest thanks to the ministers for enabling environment in which these initiative acts have created a scale for business of FPOS in which small scale farmers are benefited. In his speech he has also stated that how small scale farmers have benefited by the recent act and reforms.
These reforms and acts will bring a drastic change in the field of agricultural sector, which will help to increase the volume of production of horticulture crops as well as some value will be added in the commodities. These changes will boost the agri-logistic infrastructure in a proper way,which will lead to some major development in the consumption sector.
The states which have been recognised for the construction of mandis are Haryana, Punjab, Odisha,Uttar pradesh,Karnataka and many more.
Hope this act will bring some new changes and improvement in the agricultural sector.

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