“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”.

The above quote faultlessly match the innovative endeavor of Kakasaheb Sawant former auto mechanic in Pune. Sawant has covered a long span of a year in this occupation and was serving his family with this salary. As we know that according to change in time peoples mindset were also reclining likewise Mr. Sawant has decided to serve his family by running a plant nursery which exists of 20 varieties of mangoes.

Before starting the plantation or executing the setup he has faced many problems and comments regarding this type of farming in this land many people laughed and makes fun of him but throwing all those awful feedback he keeps on moving and started the plantation. He has two brothers who owned 20 acres of land and it was located 15 km away from his home. The land comprises black fertile soil and receives 570 mm of rain every year. His first plantation of mango plant was in 2010 and now through his hard work and various techniques he was cultivating 20 varieties of mangoes. Besides he has also a wide variety of other plants in his nursery. Geometrically he has used 10 acres of land for the cultivation of mangoes and another 10 acres for other plants. According to a report he was cultivating 20 tones of mangoes which made him a role model for other farmers. He is earning 5 lakh per month through this activity. He has availed of various government schemes provided by the government of Maharashtra and utilizing them in his farming.

The story of Mr. Sawant states that nothing is impossible in life and farming is the best way to live a grateful life in the future. He is a role model for us.” Success comes to those who dare and act”.

By:Nirad Baran Dalai

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