Special Programme for promotion of millets under Odisha millet mission


Special programme for promotion of millets – Odisha Millets Mission was launched by GoO in 2017 to revive millets in farms and on plates. It emerged from a consultation between Government, Academia (NCDS) and civil society organisation. The programme aims comprehensive revival of millets in farm and plates to promote climate resilient farming and contribute to addressing micronutrient deficiencies. The programme is implemented through WSHGs/FPOs with support of NGOs and research institutions with oversight from the DAFP. It is also supported through State plan and DMF.

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In the first phase of implementation , the programme was operational in 30 blocks across seven districts and is subsequently expanded to 65 blocks in 11 districts. In the second and third phase the programme reached out to 84 blocks in 15 districts during 2021-22. Further it has been expanded to 142 blocks of 19 districts during 2022-23. So for smooth implementation of the programme , the state cabinet have approved an estimate budget of Rs 2687.4587 crore . (for four years 2023-24 to 2026-27 FY)

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