Smart Farming: Harnessing IOT And AI For Sustainable Agriculture


Smart Agriculture Solutions: Harnessing AI and IoT for Crop Management, explores the transformative impact of digital technologies in agriculture. It focuses on the integration of the Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing sustainable farming practices. IoT technologies enable real-time monitoring of agricultural conditions using sensors and drones, while Cloud Computing provides robust data processing capabilities.

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The inclusion of IoT, and AI based systems, has ushered in a new era of possibilities, for all types of farmers in India. One pressing challenge that farmers face worldwide is, protection of crops from animal attacks, which can result in significant economic losses, and food insecurity. One of the key advantages of AI in agriculture, is its ability to forecast animal behavior, based on historical data, and environmental factors.

Presentation- Dibyabharati Nayak

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