SHG to SME – A vision towards Transformation


Women Empowerment is the meticulous vision of HCM Navven Pattnaik. HCM always put forward his vision for the upliftment of women in the state . To amke their livelihood better , the GoO always trying its best .Mission Shakti , A brainstorming initiative of W&CD Dept ,GoO is now creating a benchmark in the history of Odisha. It shows the visualisation to reality how women can change their lives by establishing their own enterprise and being sustainable themselves. A total no of 70 lakh women are empowering through Mission Shakti. The GoO is looking forward for the transformation of SHG to SME .Also The govt ensures economic and entrepreneurial development of women and provides opportunity to women in the grassroot level. It also enhances the socio economic condition of women.The women of mission shakti can take loan at 0% per annum for the loan up to five lakhs.

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