Farmers’ Education


“Agriculture is the foundation of manufactures since the production of nature are the materials of art”.
The term agriculture itself states that it is the root of every production. Without farming and crop production manufacturing is worthless, so to strengthen the root and make it more strong ample amount of training, maintenance, a preview of farmers is very much essential, so that the output will be a glorious clam.
Here a question arises, why farmers’ education is important?
Proper regime helps various farmers to incorporate the current scientific advancements and technology materials into their daily strategies. As this technology was more beneficial and effective hence it increases efficiency and can also lead to less harm in their farming and generation besides the production will be better.
According to the National Farmer Field school (FFS) during their journey farmers have carried out an experiential learning program that enhanced their understanding of the ecology of various crop fields. In this activity, they passed through various programs like experiments, field observation, etc.
According to the government schemes and services in the (FFS) some major points are highlighted which will affect them in their agribusiness, these certain points are
@ principles
@ basic fundamentals
@ characterisation of various crops
@ major steps to be taken
@ process to be followed
@ role of (FFS)
@ limitations
In the year 2020 our Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Narendra Modi made policies in which it was stated that farmers’ education will prevail in the middle school level for uplifting our future farmers.
Last but not least, farmers’ education is very crucial for all the farmers in our country and they should be trained appropriately for their future.
By:Nirad Baran Dalai

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