One step ahead by Maratha farmers


“It isn’t the farm that makes the farmer, it’s the love, hard work, and personality that is unknown”.
A person doesn’t become famous or create history in just one day, it’s his or her hard work and devotion which makes it a success. The best example of this testimony is the Maharashtra farmers who have recently produced black rice in their field.
So the story of black rice started from here, A person named Vikas Arote who is a farmer of Maharashtra planted 3kg of black rice in his field at Akola, but when the rice was cooked it became bluish purple in colour. After discerning this unique variety of rice it has been named Neela Bhat. Recently Maharashtra government has also authorized to promote this crop across Akola.
The discovery of this black rice was made in 2019 and it’s owner Vikas of Mehenduri village started planting this variety. As the village is so small and consists of only around 400 families they produce the rice rapidly.

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Discerning Vika’s innovative idea CM of Maharashtra congratulated him and said that this variety of the crop is exemplary. The cultivation of this rice is given priority in Maharashtra and other states are also being told about it.
He has also adviced that black rice is very much essential for our body as it contains antioxidants which has plenty of health benefits.

By:Nirad Baran Dalai

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