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Mother Earth is the womb that gave birth to all living beings.The mother of all the life on this planet and the only source of our sustenance. But still we humans have let it down. We have destroyed it for our own greed and self fulfilment. We are responsible for eating the hand that gives us food. And by doing this we are just making way for our own downfall. Even though we know still we are blinded by our search of luxury and forgetting that the nature can survive without us but we will perish without it. The rising number of natural calamities and climate change is an example of how far we have dismantled the nature’s balance. It’s high time to realise this and work towards putting a stop to it. I know a lot of people argue that should humans stop developing? No. We have to make that development environment friendly. We have live in harmony with all the living entities that nature has and also protect it. We are provided with the highest level of intelligence which can be helpful in protecting this earth from damage. We have to slowly mend our ways and our lifestyle to aim towards the repair of what we have destroyed. Days like these are celebrated to create awareness among us and make us realise how important our partnership is for restoration of Mother Earth.

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Earth is the only habitable planet in our solar system because of the atmosphere and environment that provides ample resources for the existence and development of all living organisms. Our environment is so beautifully and intricately designed that all the living organisms are dependent on each other for their existence and sustenance. Human life is solely dependent on nature for survival , whereas the nature is so interlinked and sustainable that it can survive and thrive without humans. But the sad reality is we people are destroying this life giving environment for the sake of our greed, luxury and development. So, every year Earth Day is celebrated in order to create awareness and make us remember how precious our environment is. The day helps in creating a global platform for recognising major environmental issues such as global warming, marine pollution, human over-population, protection of wildlife, sustainable consumption, etc, and work towards their prevention.

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