100 Varieties In 800 Square Feet


A teacher is a person who guides us, A person who is our pathfinder, but who knew that a teacher can be the best cultivator. Yes, she is Bindu CK a chemistry teacher in Kerala whose main aim is to educate the children. From her childhood, she had a dream to cultivate something. During this pandemic, she with her family went to the terrace and there she observe her rooftop of 800sq ft and decided to plant some vegetables therr. The next morning she planned and arranged some equipment for the plantation. She planted the saplings of Tomato, brinjal, cauliflower, chilies, spinach, salad cucumber, carrot, beans, beetroot, and ladies’ fingers. After some days she observed a drastic change in the plantation and the output was a promising one so she decided to plant some other crops and according to the time till date, she has cultivated 100 varieties on her rooftop. She is a role model for our society. From the team of Shyamala Subarna, we wish her more success in the future.

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By- Nirad Baran Dalai( Shyamala Subarna)

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