Crop Protection By IIT


IIT NR’s have invented new things by which farmers can easily be benefited. The thing only a farmer need is only a smartphone so that he can control the drone easily. Yes IIT NR’s have come up with a new technology of drone by which With its assistance, the person can locate the insect and obtain a variety of cures for removing it off their phone screen. Looking into this big deal government of India have approved Rs 24 lakh for making it and various expert was busy in it. The study team also intends to recommend that a person be hired in each panchayat to instruct farmers on how to use the drone or to run it himself. The good news is that farmers do not need to invest in the front; instead, they can borrow it from the Panchayat and use it on their field to learn about the problem, and then return it once the problem has been resolved.

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By-Shyamala Subarna

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