“Good ideas are like fish. If you can catch them they will nourish you for life”
The way in which the world is divided into different countries similarly farming is divided into the various sectors and fish farming is the one of it. Simply put aquaculture can be interpreted as farming that involves rearing and production of fish in various tanks or enclosure like a pond, lake for economical purposes.

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Fish culture is contemplated as a popular sector of farming and also economically profitable. To strengthen fish farming sector in India the government has to make more ambitious schemes. Government has recently launched the centrally sponsored scheme on the development of inland fisheries under macro-management. For this the budget allocation is 135.00 crore.

Some new plans made by the government for fisheries farmers are
@construction of new ponds
@reclamation of ponds
@subsidy on cost of inputs
@integrated fish farming
@fresh water fish hatchery
We are proud of the fact that our country produces fish in huge amounts but we still need to increase the productivity and make fish farming technologically sound. This will furthee strengthen our farming sector and decrease our farmer’s woes. At the end of the day the only thing we want for our country is happy farmers.

By:Nirad Baran Dalai

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