A ray of hope for the farming community


In this world, if anyone has come one day he or she has to leave. Likewise, the year 2020 has left and 2021 has stepped in. The year has come by hauling lots of dedication, hope, accomplishment, and success. All the rays of 2021 will be prosperous ones and all the rays will be inundated with different people of this world. So one ray of light falls on the farmer’s community who are known as our strength.
The year 2020 was black for all of us as well as for farmers, many died and accepted losses. We all are hoping this year will bring prosperity and happiness to our life.
As we know that farmers have struggled a lot throughout this year due to the pandemic, I hope their cultivation will rise beside the government will make some scheme so that all the farmers will be aided throughout their life. I will also solicit the farmers don’t give up on their life because we all are fortunate that we are human beings so try to utilize this body and have faith, dedication, and confidence in yourself. One day the sad will out and happiness will enter. At last, a message from the team of Shyamalan subarna is we are on the front line for your protection and we will always try to keep smile on your face.

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By: Nirad Baran Dalai

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