5T Secy praises the women entrepreneurs of Mission shakti cafe


HCM Naveen Pattnaik always look forward for the development of women empowerment in state.To strengthen the handholding of women, Mission shakti is doing praiseworthy work including support to women, help the women to being sustainable and self reliant etc. Mission shakti cafe is one which led by women entrepreneurs of SHG coming under Mission shakti .

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During visit to Boudh , Hon’ble 5T Secy Mr V.K.Pandian visited the Maa Durga Devi SHG and Trinath Baba SHG mission shakti cafe of Boudh . Both the cafe have generated a turn over of 6.7 lakh in 1.5 month since opening. Also he interacted with the SHG women of the group and praised them for their excellent work. Besides he motivated them to become small entrepreneurs and explained the schemes of the government and vision of Hon’ble CM towards women empowerment.

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