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In an effort to empower India’s 125 million smallholder farms to take advantage of growing opportunities in the agricultural sector, the Tata-Cornell Institute (TCI) for Agriculture and Nutrition launched a Hub for Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) within its Center of Excellence in New Delhi. The Hub features a first-of-its-kind database of Indian FPOs. Created with grant funding from the Walmart Foundation, the Hub will serve as a repository of learnings, information, and knowledge for the advancement of FPOs in India.
A critical part of the Hub is TCI’s database for Indian FPOs, a new platform that brings together information on thousands of FPOs to facilitate research on small-farm aggregation models. TCI’s database is the only centralized source of data on Indian FPOs currently available. Through the interactive web-based dashboard, researchers can access a wealth of data on FPOs, such as crops produced, founding years, and sponsoring agencies. Ultimately, the data will allow researchers at the Hub to formulate models to boost smallholder farmer income and welfare.

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source: Economic Times

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