The Dynamic Chinmayee Sathpathy


Farmers are the backbone of our nation who feed us by spending their day on a field. If they can do something great for us from our side we should be grateful to them.

Keeping this in view our team Shyamala Subarna who always stand with the farmers in their best time and for them during their worst time has taken an initiative. In context to this, a small interview was taken of a farmer named Chinmayee Sathpathy who belong to the village named Borikhi Of Jagatsinghpur District. During that interview some valuable points we have listed out which will be helpful and also a token of praise from our side to them.

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In that conversation, she told that crops like paddy, green gram, and 2 others she used to cultivate in their land. Besides, she has also an area near her house in which she used to grow pumpkin, brinjal, tomato. Chinmayee Sathpathy has also a small hen farm and the best part is she used to feed them the organic materials which are not harmful. Also, she used to apply organic farming in her garden.In the last part, she expressed that her average income in paddy farming is Rs 25000 from other vegetables she earns Rs 7000-8000 green grams- 20000-22000 also she told that her entire family is engaged in this process also they are happy to be a farmer and they love and addicted to this profession. Farmers like her are great, this is why our country is known as a farming country.

By: Nirad Baran Dalai( Shyamala Subarna)

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