The Agriculture Brain Drain


What is Agriculture?
Before diving into the definition , let’s be very clear, Agriculture isn’t just related with plants and crop stuffs. We will watch out how it shapes the Modern Civilization.
Agriculture is more than a Science of Farming practice & an Art of Food cultivation. This is the only process entire Human civilization is fortunate to decorate their plates with Food and are able to Live.

Why it is the Most Underrated Proffesion & not counted in the list of Proffesional studies?
: We all know Engineers built the world, Doctor save the world but there are hidden Superhero who are ready to serve their blood sweat on the field so that we can get the food easily in time at any season and they are THE FARMERS. In Our country Agriculture and Farming Proffesion is only being persued by those who are either less educated or unable to get a job but probably the most underrated gives us the best strength.

The Major Problems being faced by a Farmer !
: Trending issues and search mostly past from a year going on in INDIA. Either it’s Twitter Facebook or any form of Media this impact is getting huge. A new policy in 2020 was passed from government on the Agricultural Goods. This new policy states that Any Farmer in the country can sell their veggies or farm products outside APMC Mandis to whoever they want but this regulations leads to loss of Mandi fees and Commision. The Major Problems a Farmer face is He has no ability to decide their price and Unnecessary Seasonal Changes can wash off all the yearly Hard work. These drastic changes around a poor Farmer who erase our hunger either die out of hunger or attempt Suicides.

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Why The Youth & Common Audience is not recognising this mega issue ?
: India’s Agriculture is the country’s most important agenda but who will carry forward this Food revolution. As per a data more than 1500 farmers give up farming everyday due to a certain most work & less paid job . There will be no next generation to hold up this Proffesion. 0.1 million Agricultural Graduates coming out every year , Even a majority of students who graduate from agricultural universities switch over to other professions. It is called the “great Indian agro brain drain”.We need to stop this agro brain drain. There are many ways to enhance job opportunities for students of agriculture. For instance, the government needs to come up with schemes so that students are given a licence to market and supply fertilisers and pesticides. In doing so, farmers can get correct advice regarding the amount to be used for a particular crop. It is a pity that management students, and not students of agriculture, are recruited by institutions like the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

The Final Words
: This is the only Proffesion & Skills due to which we are able to order an Expensive dish at an Expensive Restaurant. The only way we can empower these more than 60% workforce (Farmers) is by Teaching them to become Farm Entrepreneurs. The Youth, Common Audience, The Govt must make a way either of Research or Agritech(Technology of Agriculture) connecting Agricultural heroes with the Market trends so that they too will have a reputation in this Social World.

Author: Raja Sahoo, Bhubaneswar

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