New Technology Support For Sericulture


A Bengaluru-based agri-tech startup is offering digital technologies to link the entire silk industry supply chain, helping sericulture farmers get better prices for their produce to ensuring quality of cocoons and yarn to reelers, weavers and retailers.
According to it’s founder more than 12,000 sericulture farmers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra currently use the artificial intelligence-based application of the startup, ReshaMandi. As the produce gets collected from the farmgate, the farmers who use its service said they are getting 20-40% higher prices compared with the pre-pandemic levels, and that they have also saved money in travelling to the mandis on a regular basis to sell cocoon.
Mayank Tiwari, the founder as well as chief executive of ReshaMandi, said the company that started with a few farmers in Karnataka in April last year has since expanded to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, with a very recent addition being the Pandharpur district of Maharashtra. The startup is aiming to “streamline the unorganised silk industry”

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Source: Economic Times

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