Digitalization In Bihar


The digital fertility map has been prepared by the scientists of Bihar Agriculture University (BAU), Sabour, in Bhagalpur district after months of hard work. The scientists said they collected more than 2,500 soil samples from across Kishanganj district — some four-five samples from each of its 848 villages — to prepare the fertility map.Raj Kishore Kumar, agriculture scientist (soil science) at BAU, said farmers would benefit a lot from this special map.

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They can now easily decide which crops they should grow in particular areas for better gains. They can introduce new crops, go for crop diversifications and can also decide about the exact dose of fertilisers after knowing the fertility level of their soil. This will get them bumper crops.Currently, villagers in Kishanganj have also shifted to various kinds of farming, such as tea cultivation, pineapple and bamboo tree farming in a marked shift from the traditional mode of cultivation, such as farming of paddy, wheat, jute and maize.Similar maps of three other districts — Supaul, Khagaria and Purnia — too are being readied and are expected to go online in the next few weeks.

Source: Economics Times

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