Millets are considered to be “powerhouses of nutrition”.


Millets, when harvested, can be stored for a long time and they remain infection-resistant. Armed with antioxidants that prevent the onset of cancer, high fiber content that moderates food intake, its heart-friendly, diabetic-moderating nature, high calcium content, probiotics to boost gut health,and many more amazing properties, millets are a powerhouse of nutrition. Millets don’t contain gluten, unlike wheat, barley, and rye, which makes it ideal for everyone to consume in their everyday diet.

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Since millets require minimum water and leave an extremely low carbon footprint, they don’t cause harm to the environment. The rich fiber in millet makes us feel full even when we’ve eaten a normal portion. This prevents us from overeating or stuffing our system with unhealthy junk. Millets also take a long time to digest, thus ensuring a full stomach for a considerable time.

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