Landscaping In Horticulture


Landscape gardening is an aesthetic branch of Horticulture which deals with planting of ornamental plants in such a way that it creates a picturesque effect.

On the other hand, landscaping may be defined as using plants outdoors to fulfil aesthetic and functional purposes. Thus, the term is identified with the outdoors, even though plants can accomplish similar objectives indoors (sometimes called interior scaping or landscaping).

Landscaping is an activity in which beauty and function may be determined by the customer. To one person, landscaping may mean a couple of fruit trees or just plants on the property. To another customer, plants in the landscape must not only be carefully selected but also strategically arranged. A beautiful home or an institution with the well-landscaped ground increases the property’s value and increases the property’s usefulness. In addition, it is a source of pride in the community, visitors, and passers-by.

Objectives of landscape horticulture

Specific objectives should be attained or keep in mind to beautify a home and institution effectively by landscaping.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of an area.To increase the property value. To secure attractive ground.

To hide bad conditions in the area. For example, plants can be used to create a wall ground.

To modify environmental factors.

To create recreational grounds to provide places for relaxation and community interaction. To provide hobby activities for homeowners.

To improve and conserve natural resources by reducing soil erosion.

Natural Elements of Landscape

Different types of landscape depending upon prevailing geographical and agroclimatic conditions characterize Earth. There are mountains, hills, glens, valleys, seas, rivers, forests, plains, deserts, lakes, swamps, streams, etc. which comprise major part of natural landscape. At certain points, there is harmony between natural elements like ground forms, vegetation and even animal life. The landscape of such place is beautiful and conveys the feeling or mood of the landscape character like exhilaration, sadness, cheeriness or awe. There are many qualities of natural landscape beauty like the picturesque; the ethereal, the serene, the delicate, the idyllic, the graceful, the majestic, the bold etc. Man has copied the natural elements for improving landscape around him and converted certain areas in the form of garden for his pleasure.

Benefits of Landscape Design

  1. Connecting with nature

Since going out for a vacation may not always be feasible given your schedule, coming home to a

relaxing landscape will offer you a temporary retreat you and your loved ones can take advantage of

during weekends or holidays, minus the travel expense. Here are plenty of other health benefits of nature.

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2-Protecting natural wildlife

A good landscape design considers the existing inhabitants in your yard-may that be natural insectso r birds. Your new landscape should protect these creatures and not force them away.

  1. Enhancing quality of life

Spend more time outdoors unwinding in the gorgeous backdrop, keeping your favorite read a company, or welcoming guests for a spontaneous gathering.

  1. Balancing man-made with natural

Create balance with the natural landscape and man-made design elements such as water feature installations or paving materials. Highlight the natural beauty of your yard by carefully selecting outdoor features to install.

  1. Turning unused spaces to functional areas

A side yard that has been unused for many years, or that backyard that’s been home to old furniture

or a pile of twigs can be given a makeover with a simple addition of outdoor furnishings.

  1. Defining entertainment areas

Bring order to your yard by setting areas in your yard for specific activities – from cooking to dining to roasting marshmallows. Take celebrations outdoors and enjoy more of what your home has to offer

from day to night.

  1. Boosting value for your property

Well-planned landscaping canincrease property values by 5.5-12.7%. This is especially beneficial if you’re looking to resell your property years from now, since flora will get fuller over time. Amenities that maximize use of both indoor or outdoor spaces make homes more appealing for buyers.

  1. Achieving new, easy-care look

A new landscape design encourages you to relax outdoors more while spending less time on maintenance. With that said, consider these tips when planning front yard landscaping.

Landscape approaches are the most appropriate approaches for supporting the transition to climate smart agricultural production systems and food systems, Interventions that apply landscape approaches can sustainably improve production, help agricultural communities adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emission.

By: Mausumi Mohanty , Horticulturist, BBSR

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