Kalinga’s New Varieties Of Seeds


To increase productivity, Kalinga has introduced new varieties for five crops in the state sugarcane, water, groundnut, and oats – and will be available to farmers as soon as the required legal provisions are in place, Mr. Sahu told that the highest yield of 37 seeds, the most widely cultivated in Kalinga. Ordinary sugarcane seeds produce 105 tonnes per kg in 12 months. Kalinga sugarcane can be harvested in 36, 10 months and can produce 112 tonnes per hectare.

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The new seed, which is coming now, will be harvested in 40 to 45 days with a color of 31 km and can produce up to 7 drops per hectare. Kalinga Peanuts 101, launched for peanuts, will be produced in 125 to 130 days. In Kharif, it can produce 22.39 crores of peanuts shortly, producing 15.20 krill per liter of ground peanuts. The Kalinga pig, unveiled for the moose, can be quite useful for 212 farmers and more.

By: Shyamala Subarna

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