International Jack Fruit Day


“The world has always been like this one man feasts on the jackfruit and the other gets stuck in the sap”
Every fruit in this world has a specific effect on every person, it may relate to their behaviour or their body function. Every fruit has its function for human beings. And jack fruit is among them which have a hefty and valuable impact on human beings.
Jack fruit was introduced in the region between the Western Ghats of Southern India, all of Sri Lanka and the rainforest of Malaysia. The Jackfruit tree requires certain climatic regions for growth. It is well suited in tropical lowlands and widely cultivated in tropical areas.
It is always said that first jackfruit was found in tropical Asia. Some of the major jack fruits are (Artocarpus heterophyllus, etc).
Importance of jack fruit for human beings:
1- There are pigments named carotenoids which are yellow provide vitamin A to the human body.
2- The level of antioxidants in the jack fruit is in more quantities which is very much helpful for human metabolism.
3- These all vitamins help to protect our cells and help our body to function.
4- jack fruit cure the diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, strokes, etc.
As today is the jack fruit day where we are remembering about it, we should make it a habit that all fruits are very much essential for our body and should take it as per the quantities.
The Government of India has also made certain schemes for the upliftment of jack fruit farmers, like in Kerela the government has a project to give jack fruit a distinguished place on a platter. Many financial grants were also given to purchase jack fruit.
At last, from the team of Shyamala subarna wish you all a happy jack fruit day and always try to take care of our plants and fruits and try to bring greenery in our country.
By: Nirad Baran Dalai

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