Indian Reservoirs’ Storage Level Drops for 33rd Week in a Row


Amid scorching summer, the total live storage available in 150 key reservoirs across India is 24 per cent of the total live storage capacity, marking a 21 per cent decrease recorded during the same period last year. The current storage represents 79 per cent of last year’s levels and 95 per cent of the ten-year average normal storage. Gujarat and Maharashtra are experiencing lower storage levels compared to the last year.

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River basins and reservoirs serve as sources of water for irrigation, fulfilling annual requirements for drinking water, and facilitating the operation of hydroelectric power projects. In the near term, owing to a prediction of high temperatures over an extended period, summer crop sowing which largely comprises cereals like bajra and maize, pulses like moong, and vegetables like cucurbits and melons are expected to be negatively impacted.

Presentation- Dibyabharati Nayak

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