India Targets to Produce Over 340 mt of Foodgrains in 2024-25


The government is likely to set the foodgrains production target at over 340 million tonnes (mt), including 136 mt of rice and 115 mt of wheat during 2024-25 crop year (July-June).The agricultural minister is expected to announce these targets soon after approval from the Minister, who is currently occupied with election campaigns.India aims to not only meet but potentially exceed its targets, bolstering food security and agricultural resilience in the face of changing climatic conditions.

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Actual rice production in 2023-24 stood at 123.82 mt (excluding zaid crop), while wheat production for the same period was estimated at a record 112.02 mt. Maize output for 2023-24 (excluding summer crop) was 32.47 mt. Drop in production observed in rice, pulses, and other crops in the current crop year has led to concerns, especially with wheat inventories at their lowest since 2008.

Presentation- Dibyabharati Nayak

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