Farmers The Real Warriors


“In winter’s chill or summer’s heat, A farmer works so the world can eat”.

Well, I don’t have any words for this topic because whatever I will pen about it will be less. After all, the word farmer is newfangled. But the heart doesn’t stop, it’s forcing me to write something, hope you all will like it.

A man who dreams in the night how he will put the crops and in the morning make that dream into a reality that is a farmer. Here the real story of farmers begins. After a child grew up to the adult stage it makes itself busy in some occupation to earn money, so that he can maintain his livelihood. But some fall in love with farming as their occupation.

When a person steps into the farming sector its only dream is to produce, procure, sell and run his family. He doesn’t worry about the modernity and trend that we have in our lifestyle. He doesn’t have a house with lights and fans, he has a house with the sweet smell of mud.

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The quality of the product we are getting today is only because of them, people thought that food is the way for sustenance but in my point of view, A farmer is a way for survival. Starting from sun rays to sun set he put it’s at most confidence, hard work to feed our mouth. In our Nation 2 Communities are very prestigious 1 Army 2 farmers Community. They are the living gods in our Nation.

Last but not the least to empower the farming sector both state and central governments have done their best for their welfare and more is to be done. At the end of this article, I would like to share that,

Farmer’s happiness is the happiness of ours so never let it go. (Farmers The Real God)

By: Nirad Baran Dalai

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