Daak room has brought back unforgettable memories of the past during krushi odisha 24


Flaming examples of the brilliance of technology is adorning everyone’s hands today; Which is called ‘smart phone’. But in the dark world of these smart phones, the true feelings of the human heart have vanished. In the world of e-mail, SMS, the importance of handwritten letters has disappeared. In such a situation, the daakroom has raised its head to preserve the importance of manuscripts. The staff of this daakroom organization are trying to preserve the true story of the endangered letter with the youth through various programs. With the joint venture of the organization’s co-founders, Harnehmat Kaur and Shivani Mehta, that old way of expressing one’s mind has come back to life.

Their efforts tasted success in Odisha Millet Mission held recently. The youth who participated in the program were provided with beautiful postcards, In which the young minds wrote some beautiful letters from their heart for the farmers. There was a wave of thanksgiving from the writings of the students of Odisha to the hearts of the farmers. After the success of this program, they organized some agriculture based postcards in Krushi Odisha 2024 held at Janata Maidan this year. In which the farmers who joined the Krushi Odisha wrote many letters to the Chief Minister. Many of them gave their condolences and many of the farmers told the sad stories of their farms.

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In this effort of Daak Room, all the workers present there, students and all the individuals who participated in the exhibition extended their hands of cooperation and expressed their thoughts on postcards.The heartfelt words of their minds which they could not express in the SMS of the mobile phone, were written very easily on those colored papers. It was a reminiscence of a bygone day for the elders and a unique experience for the students to experience history in the present.

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