A Successful Five Years


The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams
Every one of us dreams and very less achieve it. He has also itched and tried hard to achieve it with his efforts and dedication, finally in the year 2018 April his dream came true and he started his new journey. From that day which made him a successful editor in this era. Mr.Gouranga Chandra Das and Mr. D Subham founder and chief editor of Odisha’s first student agricultural magazine Shyamala Subarna move ahead for the welfare of our farmers with this small innovation. But no one has believed that a small magazine can bring a drastic change to the farmer’s society and the people of Odisha will love it. It’s a magazine that guides the farmers on how to cultivate, encourages the farmers for a variety of cultivation, and stands in front of them during their worst times and that’s what Shyamala Subarna is. At the age of 23, he has promised and finalized that he will be the warrior of the farmers’ community and will lead it to victory. Since that day he has faced many challenges and many failures but he has never stepped back and always moved ahead which describes his potential and dedication to farming. Today the magazine has reached its 5 successful years of completion, with a new aim and new variation it will try to reach every farmer and look after them. Throwing away all the negative views it will step into the world of success and one day it will be in the top pick in this world.
Besides we also thank to all our viewers and beloved farmers who always supported us and loved us and the magazine will try to do its best for your betterment and keep blessings us and supporting us.

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By- Nirad Baran Dalai ( Shyamala Subarna)

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