A Nutri Rich Millet Variety ShreeRatna Developed by OUAT


Now everywhere you can see the success stories of millet. From Farm to plate – the millet mission is now setting a meticulous foot prints in the stateThe value addition of millet now strengthen the handholding of women and other entrepreneur  also. Not only diabetics but people from all walks of life have now included it in their diet.

nano urea

   OUAT has developed recently a new high yielding nutria ric millet variety named ShreeRatna. It is mostly suitable for both khari and rabi seasons. It has been already piloted in few districts of the state. It has an average yield of 2350 kg per hectre. It has 50.2 mg/kg iron and 21.6 mg/kg zinc content. It is mostly resistant to brown spot and foot rot disease.  However it has a medium maturity period of 117 days.

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