14th Edition Of Shaymala Subarna


“Once in your life, you will need a doctor, a lawyer , and a preacher but every day 3 times a day you need a farmer”.
Helping farmers is our duty, caring for farmers is our love towards them, respecting them is our moto , writing about it is our passion and that is Shyamala Subarna which is known for this in the society. Our journey started on April 1 2018 with our honourable founder Mr. G.C Das and editor Mr. D Subham along with other members to help farmers through our magazine.
From 1st edition till today we have reached a milestone of 14 edition of this magazine and in each edition, we have tried to express our gratitude and to do something for the upliftment of farmers.
In this magazine we have tried to :
1- provide necessary information made by state and central government.
2- We have described each scheme made by our government so that farmers can be benefited.
3- We have also discussed various farmers’ problems with their solution.
4- Upliftment of the farmers’ community has also been highlighted.
5- Important days and news has also been described.
Last but not least as much as possible we have tried our best for farmers’ development and will continue in the future. Today is a very special day for us as we are celebrating the 14th edition of our magazine. Lastly, your good wishes and blessing have helped us to reach this level. Thank you to all our viewers and well-wishers.

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