Vertical Garden Scheme


The Arka Vertical Garden’s major components are a one-square-meter base frame, main central support connected to the base frame, and supporters for pots/grow-bags, all of which are designed to accommodate 16 pots of various sizes and shapes at four different height levels. A 25-liter plastic container is put on top of the structure for storing water, and dripping laterals, microtubes, and drippers are used to irrigate the plants. Along with the structure, seeds and supplies for plant nutrition management and plant protection will be given. Chilli, brinjal, tomato, radish, legumes such as french beans and cluster beans, and green vegetables such as spinach, amaranthus, and coriander may all be grown. Applications for the vertical garden plan, which was launched in Kerala by the State Horticulture Mission (SHM) as part of the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture, may now be done online. The deadline for submitting an online application is March 1.

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Source- Krishi Jagran

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