The Workaholic RUPDHAR JANI


A person named Mr. Rupdhar Jani who belongs to Kandraguda Village, Pujariguda G.P. of Tentulikhunti Block of Nabarangpur District has set an example for others. It is said that those who visit that village once interact with him.
His brief success story was described below: He is a small farmer with a piece of land consisting of 1 acre. That land didn’t get any source of irrigation. The only cultivation he used to do is maize during the rainy season in which he earns Rs 9800 per year which is very low to run his family. So he migrates to various states likes Bangalore, Chennai for other labor works. Here is a turning point that came in his life by inspiring from KKS he decided to grow the family farm through a fruit orchard, intercropping, etc.

So he started to prepare that 1 acre of land for this purpose. By eco-village development program He was provided with 65 fruit plants (35 cashew, 30 grafted mango plants) for fruit orchard development in 0.75 acres and 150 forest species (chakunda- Cassia Siamia, simarua, Karanja, sublabel, jackfruit, and tamarind, etc.) for border plantation to fulfill the need of fuel, fodder timber, and other requirements. Apart from that in 0.25 acres, he cultivated millet, pulses, maize, and paddy as annual cropping for food security.

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During the Kharif season (rainy season) he was cultivated different vegetables like tomato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, radish, chili, cowpea, beans, onion, and pumpkin as intercropping.
Apart from this, he was provided a significant training conducted by Agragamee to understand the importance of family farm development. He also started to cultivate these crops through organic farming and various measures he has taken to uplift them.
Farmers like him are really an inspiration for others he is the jewel of this village.

Source: Shyamala Subarna Bureau

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