The Benefits of Using Lime in Shrimp Farming


The use of lime in shrimp farming is of great help to the country’s shrimp industry, increasing shrimp growth and survival.

Lime is a surprising component because it has multiple uses. Lime use in shrimp farming has played an important role in the shrimp industry growth in regions such as ours. It’s necessary to implement good practices that guarantee sustainability, efficient operations, and reduce environmental impact.

Aquaculture ponds may have pH problems (acidity), low alkalinity, low hardness, or even foster disease spreading within the culture. In these cases, applying lime contributes to a better response in the pond’s natural productivity, facility disinfection and avoids the spread of infectious diseases. Liming Dosage-50kg/ha(ponds containing shrimp or fish).

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Bigyan Mihir Rout

Co-Founder-Shyamalasubarna Agro.Pvt.Ltd.B.F.Sc


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