Subsidy For Hydroponic Farmings


Under the initiative “Development of Commercial Horticulture through Production and Post-Harvest Management,” the government gives financial assistance for hydroponic & aeroponic projects in the following ways:

nano urea

Credit-linked back-ended subsidy of 20% of total project cost limited to Rs 25 lakh per project in general and Rs 30.00 lakh in NE Region, Hilly, and Scheduled regions. However, for capital intensive and high-value crops under protected cultivation and open-air cultivation of date palm, olive, and saffron, a subsidy of 25% of project cost with a ceiling of Rs.50 lakh (33 percent of project cost with a ceiling of Rs.60 lakh for scheduled and hilly areas) (National Horticulture Board, will be provided.

Source- Krishi Jagran

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