Soil Health Check Within Seconds


According to a report a new initiative has been taken by the professor and student of Kanpur for a soil health check within 90 seconds which cost only Rs50.IIT-Kanpur professor Jayant Singh, along with three students, has developed a mobile app named Bhu Parikshak to test nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and more in the soil. From his interview regarding this innovation, he told that through various research and hard work of him and his student this has been possible. It’s their hard work which make it successes.

Explaining the functionality of the device, Jayant says, “The unique invention works on the concept of Near Infrared Spectroscopy technology that provides real-time soil analysis reports on smartphones connected to a mobile application called Bhu Parikshak, available on Google Play Store. The device determines six crucial soil parameters, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic carbon, clay contents, and cation exchange capacity.

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From the team of shyamala subarna, we request our all farmers to install this app and use it for soil safety.

By: Shyamala Subarna

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