Need of active youth participation in ozone layer Restoration


On the occasion of world ozone layer day team shyamala subarna got an opportunity to interact with an environmentalist, soil scientist, Professor at SOA university Dr. G H Santra. During this interaction, some healthy and useful solution was extracted which is described below:
Ozone layer: A layer that is located in the earth’s atmosphere which protects us from ultraviolet (UV) rays.
Reason for depletion of ozone layer: Ozone depletion occurs when chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and halons—gases formerly found in aerosol spray cans and refrigerants—are released into the atmosphere.CFCs and halons cause chemical reactions that break down ozone molecules, reducing ozone’s ultraviolet radiation-absorbing capacity.
How to overcome: As this is a major issue we should use electric vehicles, minimize the industrial pollution, avoid deforestation as plant provides more amount of oxygen, keep our environment free from pollution.
Role of youth: As today’s youth are the future generation they should create awareness among the society and try to minimize the chemical gases and conserve ozone layer from depletion.

Some major precautions should be taken:

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  1. Try to use less chemical gases which is produced by industries.
  2. Keel environment clean and free from pollution.
  3. Try to plant trees as much as possible.
  4. Create awareness among people.
  5. Youth must be cautious regarding it.

Interview By: Nirad Baran Dalai( Shyamala Subarna)

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