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India is a diversified country and farming is the main priority of India. People always tell that oooo India which is known for farming that small thing touches our heart and we feel proud that yes we are the farmers of our country. In this article, I want to convey a message that we all live in one country, and as a citizen, it’s our responsibility to uplift our agricultural sector, but one thing which makes a black shadow on it that is importing outside materials used for agriculture production, so let’s always aim that and make a promise that we will use only Indian made product so that in the outside of our country people will tell that they are self-reliant in agriculture also. No doubt the government has also made various scheme for this proposal but as responsible citizens, it’s our responsibility to work upon it and make it a successful one.

nano urea

By- Nirad Baran Dalai( Shyamala Subarna)

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