Kisan Drone Who Is Going To Pay


Would unmanned aerial vehicles or drones be hovering over millions of hectares of farmlands in India? Would they become as commonplace as tractors or power tillers on the ground? In her 2022 Budget speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman promoted what is being called Kisan drones. Highlighted the government’s resolve. The government is pushing for the massive use of drones in agriculture across India. It wants drones to be yet another agricultural equipment like power tillers, manure spreaders, trolley pumps, sprayer pumps, et al. But who will pay for the drone service? Will end-users, meaning farmers, have to bear the entire cost? Or, will the government chip in? The department of agriculture estimates that the service of a drone that can carry a 10 kg payload will cost Rs 350-450 per acre. The calculation is based on the assumption that a drone equipped with multiple batteries will be utilized for at least six hours a day, covering about 30 acres of farmland. The cost of operation could vary, depending on the type of crop and topography.

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Source- Economic Times

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