Data Policy Scheme For Farm Sector


Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Friday said the government aims to create a national database of farmers and is also in the process of bringing out a data policy for the farm sector.Tomar said, “The government aims to create a federated National Farmers Database and the digitised land records will be used as data attributes for creating this database. To bring dynamism to the farmer’s database, the linkage with digital land record management system is essential.

The database is envisaged to facilitate online single sign on facilities for universal access and usher in personalised services to farmers such as direct benefit transfer, soil and plant health advisories, weather advisories, irrigation facilities, and seamless credit and insurance facilities.

It will also provide information pertaining to seeds, fertilisers and pesticides, nearby logistic facilities, market access information and peer to peer lending of farm equipment, among others.

The IDEA would help in laying down the architecture for the Agristack in the country and that would serve as a foundation to build innovative agri-focused solutions leveraging emerging technologies.

Source: Economic Times

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