Cropping Pattern In Odisha


Odisha is a state of agriculture and 70% of the people are involved in it. Some grow Kharif some rabi and others grow various nonfood cash crops. So which climatic condition is required to grow all types of crops??

According to experts, loamy soil is considered as jackpot soil for farmers in Odisha because they include clay, sand, and silt and is the best possible combination of all negative and positive features. It is regarded as the best type of soil and is more gardener-friendly than any others as it does not require any additional investments.

But according to crops, the soil varies because some crops are not suitable for loam soil but loam is seen in wide amounts in Odisha.

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Now coming to the cropping pattern there are assorted patterns in Odisha like upland in which mono-cropping is done and the crops which are suitable are rice, back gram, etc. Sequence cropping and the crops like rice, mustard, sesame. Medium land sequence cropping and crops like pea, groundnut. Low land sequence cropping and crops like green gram black gram, etc.

So these are the cropping pattern that a farmer must follow for better productivity.

By- Nirad Baran Dalai(Shyamala Subarna)

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