Agriculture Can Change The World


Agriculture is considerd as our country’s backbone, more than 70% percent of people are involved in farming. To boost this sector government has issued various schem and app for their betterment, In context to this there are 6 greatest breakthroughs which can completely change the agricultural sector. These 6 solutions has been discussed by experts:
Nitrogen Fixation: The German chemist Fritz Haber, who is also known as the father of chemical weapons, won a Nobel Prize for developing an ammonia synthesis process. This process was used to create fertilizers which ultimately led to the green revolution. This brings us to the second breakthrough.
The Green Revolution: The fertilizers development in the early twentieth century combined with scientific plant breeding methods led to a huge increase in world’s food output. The world remembers this landmark turn as the green revolution. Norman Borlaug, the man behind the green revolution, was an agricultural economist who saved 1 billion people from hunger and starvation.
Gregor Mendel’s Work On Genetics: Gregor Mendel, who is also known as the father of genetics, discovered how plant breeding and human genetics works. It was he who deserves the credit for the development of hundreds of high yielding varieties which were made possible only by his research.
The Combine Harvester: The combine harvester has become very essential to farming. However, what we do not realize is the fact that it wasn’t always there. Before its invention, farmers had to perform a number of tasks manually. Its invention ensured that more and more hands were free to do other kinds of work.
Archimedes’ Screw: We have water pumps today which can give off litres and litres of water in a single minute. The first ever water pump was made by Archimedes. The Greek scientist is said to have designed a rotating corkscrew which could push water up a tube. It completely changed the way irrigation was done and it still remains in use in sewage treatment plants.
Refrigeration: Refrigeration changed the way food was stored and used forever. One cannot even imagine the difficulties faced in storing food by people who lived in a world where refrigeration was not yet discovered. Its discovery transformed food transport, food safety, and food preservation.

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source: Krishi Jagran

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