A Green Success Story Of Malikarjun Reddy


‘Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one you must dive for it.
Every child goes to school to achieve garner some knowledge and achieve an aim to become self sufficient in the future. Some choose doctor some engineer and for Mallikarjun Reddy of Telangana it was the same but he didn’t know that his destination was different. The story began in 2014 when Mallikarjun, a graduate in B.Tech (Computer Science) and an employee of SemanticSpace Technologies quit his software job in Hyderabad. After this, his friend’s daughter died due to cancer as the food she was eating contains more amount of toxins. At that very moment, the mission of organic farming was started. In this mission, he aimed to produce only organic foods which were eco-friendly and healthy.
He constantly enhanced his knowledge by following the farming innovations propelled by the Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University in Rajendranagar.If regular farming requires investment of ₹50,000 for 60 quintal paddy, Mallikarjun invests only ₹25,000 to get the output, with a gross revenue of ₹1,13,000. A major reasons for his ICAR award was his ability to invest less and get big returns.Mallikarjun’s efforts in integrated farming, rainwater harvesting through farm ponds and open wells for increased groundwater, spreading awareness among other farmers on the misuse of pesticide and stubble management have also been appreciated. One of the interesting facts is Mallikarjun runs whole farming by himself so-called (One man army).The techie-turned-farmer has also opened an organic shop in KPHB colony, where he sells produce of a group of farmers from his village. Mallikarjun has won many awards for this organic farming and farmers like him are inspirations for us.
Hope farmers like him should come and show their talent in this great country.

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Source- The Hindu

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